Saturday, November 26, 2011


This Thanksgiving was definitely a first for both me and Porter. It was just the three of us, with Harrison, and two guys Porter works with who also didn't have any family in the area. I ended up buying a precooked turkey because I figured you couldn't mess up a precooked turkey too bad, and actually it ended up really really good. The day was both good and bad, the morning was a total disaster. Porter burnt the cookies by not taking them out when I asked him too and I think, actually I know, I overreacted way too much. But I think some of the overreaction came from being homesick and having a very small Thanksgiving. But I calmed down and we were able to enjoy the rest of the day.

On Friday it was such a beautiful day, 63 degrees, so we definitely wanted to be outside. We went into the city and did some sightseeing.

At the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial sketching my dad's counsin's name, Leslie E. Walker

Literally the perfect day out

Harrison loves going up and down stairs

At the WWII Memorial


These pictures are mostly for family who've been asking us what our new place looks like, so here are a few. We live in an end unit and absolutely love it.  

This playground is literally 20 steps out our front door, it's great, Harrison loves to play on it.

The front door is on the right, behind the DVD cases

This little nook is right at the top of the stairs, the laundry room behind the door on the left

Our bedroom and bathroom

We're still working on the setup, I think it's funny how Porter stacks everything to save room!

Harrison's room and guest bathroom

It feels so good to actually be in our own home and settled after 10 months of living off barely anything with everything in storage. Now all we need are visitors to come stay with us!!

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Well our trip to Utah has come and gone, I can't believe how fast it went. We had so much fun and loved seeing everyone. We've now made it to DC and are trying to put our house together, it might take a while. Here are some pictures from when we were in Utah, I know there's a lot.

PS: I've gone darker on my hair, pictures to come shortly.