Saturday, March 31, 2012

Paul and Linda Visit

Last week Porter's parents, Paul and Linda, came out to visit us. It was nice to have family around again and they had never been here so we hit all the sites. I'm happy to say there were only a couple meltdowns, me included, so I'd say that's pretty good with a 1 1/2 year old and being 5 months pregnant and going pretty much nonstop for a week. We saw the major monuments, visited a few museums, toured Mt. Vernon and the capitol.
I'll be honest I was quite disappointed with the capitol tour. I'd heard rave reviews and it was anything but. It was cool to see the artwork but you only see about 3-4 rooms (halls) and I was hoping for more history than was given. I must admit though taking Harrison on a tour is quite distracting so I probably missed most of the information that was given.
The weather has been super warm here and therefore the cherry blossoms bloomed extremely early. We saw the ones they had on base but by the time we got to the Tidal Basin, where the majority are, most of the blooms were already gone. I'm pretty bummed that we missed them but maybe we'll be here still next year and can see them then. Most of these pictures are repeats from what I posted on facebook but here they are again.

Waiting in line for the DC cupcakes

Mount Vernon

National Cathedral

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Cassi said...

So fun! I laughed when you admitted you had a meltdown also! I think you have every right while going a week nonstop 5 months pregnant and trying to host company! Loved the picture of Harrison climbing the stairs to lincoln memorial! And the pictures of him during the easter egg hunt are so cute too! He looks just like you :)