Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter and a new phone

Last week I upgraded my phone to the iphone and I must say at first I was hesitant, these days I'm pretty much indecisive about everything due to being pregnant, but after the first day I absolutely loved it. I love the fast camera because it lets me capture more/better moments with Harrison than my old phone did because it's so fast.....here are a few examples.

There's this tree that's on base that's pretty close to our house that I just had to take a picture of. It's a split tree so half of the blossoms are white and half of them are pink, it's so cool!

And is it just me or are all Easter Bunny costumes super creepy!

Getting his face painted. He even gave her a piece of chocolate on his own to the woman afterwards like it was payment.

Impromptu family pictures....the lighting is off but the trees were so pretty in bloom


Jen and Chris said...

Easter bunnies are SO creepy!! When are you due Heidi??!!

Brittany said...

So Harrison is still the cutest thing ever!! Sure you don't want to send him our way?? My Ashley is ever mindful of him...she still talks about him. (She could use a little brother). Miss you guys!