Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Month of May: Utah trip and other items

So this is my last post about the fun we had last month. I mentioned my brother came out to visit and then I was lucky enough to get a ticket on the same flight as him back to Utah for a couple of weeks. The main reason of our visit to Utah was that my dad was a winner of the Huntsman Excellence in Education award and they were doing a big banquet to celebrate all the winners, which I really wanted to go to and celebrate with my family. And to be honest it was an absolutely wonderful night! Our whole family was there and it was a wonderful dinner and so great to honor my dad, who rarely takes credit for anything. And of course on the way home I got pulled over for making an illegal U-turn across the tracks....apparently it's illegal to drive on the tracks. Fortunately I just got a warning, I think mostly because I had my military ID and he was giving me some slack, but I did get a nice lecture....I'll take that over a ticket any day though :)

It was also wonderful being with family while in Utah. Don't get me wrong we absolutely love living in DC and are so happy and blessed with the direction our lives have taken but we do miss our families and so it's so great when we're able to visit! Harrison got to spend a lot of time with his cousins and it was so great seeing him play with everyone. We went to Jungle Jim's and Wheeler Farm and he had an absolute blast.

He knows where the good food is...

His favorite thing to do was get the empty soda cans and get every last drop

Lunch at Ruth's Diner

Definitely not the most flattering picture but I thought it was cute

Jungle Jim's with the cousins

Wheeler Farm

His favorite cousin, didn't want to go anywhere without her

Porter's family threw a surprise birthday party for Harrison while we were there, even though it was a couple months early, we absolutely loved it!

Also we got Harrison a toddler bed to prepare for the baby. Porter insisted, I thought he was still a little too young but it's been about 3 weeks now and it's been wonderful. He won't even get out of his bed in the morning until we come and get him. He loves his bed!

First night trying it out....

First morning in the toddler bed, didn't want to get out

Nap time, has to have his airplane book to look at


Jodi said...

That's awesome about your dad's award. And I was totally scared for the toddler bed transition too... for no reason. He sleeps better in it than his crib.

Cassi said...

Love seeing all the pictures and loved seeing you while you were here!