Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Today Kimball is 4 weeks already! At this point I figured we should head back to church so yesterday we got up and braved the 3 hours. Personally I think it should be a church rule when you have a baby you get at least a 3 month break, not necessarily from going but from your calling. Primary was somewhat of a train wreck. I don't know how I'm supposed to be running primary, doing sharing time, and feeding/taking care of a newborn. At this point it's Monday and Sunday is 6 days away so I won't start stressing until Saturday.
But this post is about Kimball. He was due August 4th but of course didn't come that day. My sister Megan had flown in the night before for a week to help mostly take care of Harrison while we were at the hospital so it gave us a nice weekend to swim and go to the farmer's market before he came.


Well I was scheduled to be induced on Tuesday the 7th but the hospital called me on Monday and said they were having a "slow" day and if I wanted to come in they'd get me started. I was thrilled, I was going to have a baby and not be pregnant anymore. I HATE being pregnant! So we got ready, packed our bags and headed to the hospital. I checked in around noon and said good bye to Megan and Harrison. I figured they'd come back later that night after the baby was born. So much hoping of not being pregnant another day. After being on pitocin all day they decided at 10pm that they were going to take me off of it, let me eat (thank goodness, I was starving!) and try another method. They did give me some morphine to help with the pain and to help me sleep. I hadn't had an epidural yet just because I didn't feel the pain was that intense yet.
Tuesday morning rolls around and they started me up on pitocin again. I'm beginning to get nervous because I'm progressing so slowly but the nurses assure me this is just part of the process and there's no need for concern yet. And when I say I'm getting nervous it's me breaking down emotionally because I've been in the hospital so long already and still no baby! Poor Porter had to deal with all the up's and down's but he really was so amazing. I was sure glad Megan was with Harrison, because with all my worrying at the hospital I had no worries that Harrison was ok because she was there. I ended up getting my epidural around 10am Tuesday. It was a better experience than my first time getting an epidural with Harrison but still on my top 10 list of things I don't want to do. I hate the feeling it gives you while it's going in, but I made it through and once it's in it feels great!
Around 3:30 they had me lay on my side to help with the labor process and shortly after I started feeling pretty strong contractions even with the epidural. After about an hour and pushing the "refill" button on the epidural I asked the doctor to come check me since I hadn't been checked in a while. And it was time, doctor's and nurse's were running in. I was in labor for 30 hours and the delivery was literally 3 minutes.
Kimball was born healthy and strong. Harrison loves being an older brother. He's constantly looking for Kimball and is always saying "he's cute". We have to remind Harrison that he's cute too!



Harrison also thinks that anything Kimball uses he can use too, like his carseat, baby bouncer, and binky.

And for Kimball's baby pictures we rented a DSLR off the internet, what can't you get off the internet these days, and did pictures all weekend. By the time the weekend was over I was glad to be sending the camera back just because it's so stressful taking family pictures with a newborn and 2 year old. There was a lot of bribing and a lot of candy. Here are some of my favorites.








Spencer Clayton said...

These are some awesome pics! Man we gotta come and visit you guys!

Chelsea said...

You make some amazingly cute kids Heidi!
And I love how you post all the pictures on your blog. So cute!
You look great!

Jodi said...

Congratulations. All those pictures you took are awesome!