Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shots and such

Last Friday I took Harrison in to get his 12 month vaccinations. I was a little discouraged in the beginning because with the military they made it so difficult to find out who was his pediatrician. But once we got it figured out it was great. Everything is taken care of and everything is covered. So even when they suggested that they do some lab work to make sure he didn't have any lead poisoning it was all completely covered. There may be some downsides to being in the military but the medical benefits are definitely not one of them. But Harrison was a trooper, he got four shots and blood drawn. It was a rough 10 minutes but when it was all over he was ready to play again.
The other day when I went to the grocery store I had barely stepped inside when a man stopped me to tell me that Harrison was the cutest baby he'd ever seen. It's like this a lot when I go to the grocery store, I can barely get down an aisle before someone stops me to comment on Harrison or to stop and talk to him because he's smiling and laughing with them. So we decided to enter him into the cute kids contest. This is the photo we submitted. I know it's along shot but they have really good prizes for winners. It cost us $20 to enter but then we got a free 11x14 photo canvas of our choosing.
As much fun as San Antonio is both Porter and I are ready to get to DC. Porter's ready to be done with school and have a normal work day without having to get up at 4:30am and I'm ready to have a home again. I know it sounds materialistic but I'm ready to have my things again. A kitchen that includes more than $1 plastic plates and cups from Wal-Mart and our tv and a couch!! I'm sure it'll be like Christmas seeing all of our stuff again, they've been in storage since January.


Anonymous said...

I'd definitely vote for him! But I know what you mean about wanting to be home. Granted, we have a place with all of our stuff in it, but we're ready to not be in a basement anymore. But when you get all your stuff back, it'll definitely be super fun. You'll probably forget some of the stuff you do have!

The Ostler Family said...

Ha ha!! I know, instead of a countdown to Christmas it's a countdown until we get our stuff back! Are you guys looking to move soon? I don't even know if you'll get this post, still learning how the blogs work, hopefully you do though.