Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Austin and Labor Day

On Saturday we drove up north to Austin to spend the day. People told us that Zilker Park was the place to go and so that's where we went. They had a little train you could ride that took you around the park. It was Harrison's first train ride and he loved it! He was smiling almost the entire time. It was a lot of fun and super hot! I keep thinking that I'm used to 100+ weather but after being in it for more than 20 minutes it's way too hot. So even though we pretty much baked the whole day it was really fun just to get out and do something different. The park even had green grass!! We don't have any in San Antonio because of the drought so I think it was fun for Harrison to walk on the grass without any shoes on. It was also the first Longhorns football game of the season so everyone was out in the Longhorn gear and tailgating, it smelled so good. We looked to see if we could get tickets but they were completely sold out.

On the train

Amazing views of the city from the park

 Tried a couple of these but Harrison either wasn't looking or blocking one of us

On Monday, Labor Day, it was another sun fun-filled day. Again we wanted to try something new and different but with limited funds we just ended up swimming at the pool, but it turned out to be a really fun day. Harrison did so well, sometimes he gets bored/restless with the pool because he wants to do everything by himself, which he certainly CANNOT. He's not afraid at all and just wants to do everything. But we ended up ordering pizza and eating it by the pool. And unlike Saturday, Monday was a perfect day temperature wise. It was only 90 degrees and we felt like we were in heaven. We heard rumor that a cold front was going across the country and I say it couldn't have come at a better time. This morning (Tuesday) I drove Porter into the base and it was 60 degrees!!! It felt amazing but we're definitely going to have to go shopping for Harrison soon to get him some warmer clothes, he has absolutely none. 

Typical Sunday evening and our makeshift couch

He likes playing on the stairs because he can touch and go up an down on them....and add a rock to the mix and he's satisfied for a long time!


Unknown said...

My favorites are the 4th one up (I am still not sure what he is doing) and the last one. Megan

Annie said...

Your little guy is so dang cute! And you look great! :) Hope everything is going good for you guys!