Sunday, January 1, 2012


Christmas was a lot of fun at our house this year....mainly because of Harrison. We got the tree up and decorated it and I'm surprised at how well he did with it, mostly looking at it and feeling a couple of the ornaments but nothing disastrous. Earlier in the month we drove up to the DC Temple to see the Christmas lights. It was really pretty and Jenny Oaks Baker was playing that night so we got to enjoy her music.

Then unfortunately Harrison wanted to play with the stockings and he pulled it down and the stocking holder smacked him right in the eye.  It was black and blue for about a week. I felt so bad but he was such a trooper.

Christmas was really fun. On Christmas Eve it was such a nice day that Porter took Harrison outside to play at the park. And we enjoyed some really good food on Christmas Eve and dinner. We had to spoil ourselves someway since we weren't spending it with family. We decided to open presents after church since Harrison wasn't getting up early. By the end it was really fun because Harrison was getting the hang of it and excited for his new toys.


Cassi said...

harrison is so cute! Looks like you guys had a good christmas! I'm jealous you get to go see the christmas lights at the dc temple. I decided we're going to come visit around christmas time :)

Amanda said...

What a fun Christmas. Our favorite times were spending Christmas with just our little family! We miss you guys around here. I hope you are having fun and enjoying DC!

Jodi said...

Happy New Year to your little family. I remember years ago going to the D.C. Temple, taking the Metro there, I love that city!